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We are launching "The Year of the Portrait" in May! We have been painting customers portraits, be them human or furry, for over 3 years so we thought we should make this a special event and let you become IMMORTALISED!


We have moved within the St Enoch Centre to a new home!

We have moved to a new home in the St Enoch Centre! We are still on the first floor, just around the corner from the where we used to be! You can ask at the Information Desk or any of the friendly Security Personnel and they'll point you in the right direction!

We look forward to welcoming you to our new Gallery and the events we have planned for the 2019!

An Unexpected Photo Shoot

We are now running a Photo Studio on a Monday afternoon. We have three slots available on Monday afternoon where we treat individuals, Couples and groups to a professional photo session run by our Photographer in Residence Stu Duffy.

For more information and how to book go here

New Art Classes are starting in 2019, running every Sunday for beginners and intermediates alike. If you are interested drop us an email to

Photography Classes are coming in February, Mondays and selected Sundays... whether you use a phone or a DLSR, we will help you get the best from your camera. Contact us for info:

Introducing a new Unexpected Artist:

Victor Sena

We welcomed a new artist to the Gallery this week, impressionist artist Victor Sena. He has a talent and gift for seeing the light and beauty within a landscape or subject as is seen here in the piece on display within the gallery. The heaviest of land mammals is made to seem as light as a feather. When it is on a wall it brightens the room!

It is stretched over a box frame measuring 51 x 76 cm and we can organise for it to be framed for you! So an Elephant image at a Mouse price of £500!

Victor Sena's Elephant
Art by Victor Sena
Art by Victor Sena