An Unexpected Artist

Artist: Stuart Duffy


Available for commissions and has a fondness for a Caramel Latte!

Stu D

Stuart has been a photographer for far longer than he wants to admit, "lets's say that when I started auto focus wasn't even a beta function!", he continues to explain. "In saying this, we know the camera is important but really it's just a tool, the real magic happens in the mind of the artist, they'll use this tool to capture what the mind envisages!"

Stuart relishes every photographic assignment that comes to him, documentary photography allows me to tell the story of the subjects, so you immerse yourself in the subjects world and and show what their lives are like! Not once have I not been amazed!"

Portraiture is also a love, it can be quite challenging to extract and portray the personality of a person in the short time you are with them, however, that can be one of the most rewarding treasures in photography.

Stuart has his work on display in the gallery but you can also view some of his portfolio and creations here:


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