Commissioning your own artCommissioning your own art work

Commissioned Art

The great thing about having a diverse and talented group of artists is that you can request your own art work to be created (commissioning)!

We have been creating works or art for customers for years, we've created portraits, landscapes, fan art and abstracts to customers specification.
If you want distinctive and original art work to dress your walls then you have come to the right place!

Our Artists:Your Art

The Unexpected Artist is a group of diverse and talented artists, many of whom have been commissioned by people to create work specifically for their homes and businesses. Rather than looking around for an art piece that fits your needs you can do what has been done for centuries, commission your own art work!  When you commission your own art you can decide on the size, style and framing so it compliments the environment you are placing it in.


The cost of commissioning isn't much more than the prices you see in our exhibition space at St Enoch, prices range from £200 to £1000, it's dependant upon the artist, the size and the work you want. Our Supervising Artists in the gallery can assist you and we have a dedicated team that helps you through the creative process and then manages the process through to delivery. The payment schedule is 50% non refundable deposit (unless the artist rejects the commission) on the agreed price and the balance on completion.


Portraits: We either request images of the subject, usually more than one, this gives the artist some idea about the subject, we'll ask about the person so we can add context where ever possible.

Landscapes: Images of the scape help, as many as possible, again to offer the artists perspective on the location.

Abstract: On this you select the subject, offer some context on why these are important and let the artist outline his view and we create art together.