The Unexpected Artist: Blog en-us (C) The Unexpected Artist (The Unexpected Artist) Wed, 01 Jun 2016 14:45:00 GMT Wed, 01 Jun 2016 14:45:00 GMT The Unexpected Artist: Blog 90 120 Artist - Bryan Webster When Bryan submitted his work we were impressed with his vision! The three pieces he submitted were contemporary and gave us the one of the main things we look out for, a narrative! A narrative is how the art interacts with you, how it makes you feel. We can all look at an art work and take away something different from it. This narrative is shaped by our experiences, our likes or dislikes and our penchant for a particular shape and colour. The more art literate add ism's to this but they just add labels, the key assessment you make when you look at art is the 'Narrative'.

The Plague Doctor is one we see a lot but Bryan has a nice dark quality to his, as befits the subject, more than this, he has painted onto wood rather than canvass!  The Sea Serpent is a delight and if you have an attraction to water than this is for you!

His best piece, in our opinion is 'Blood Valley'. a dark but alluring scene that would bring any wall to life.

All of his work is painted onto wood and hangs nicely and all is a snap at £200 each.

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Art in a place Unexpected


Firstly let me apologise for the Yoda title but it is what came to mind when I started this new blog.
I'm a prolific blogger, though over the years I have blogged on different platforms and on different topics, mainly centred around photography and photographers, however, substitute photography with art and you have the introspection and observation that is common to the creation of any art form.
Over the coming months I will be covering art, the perception of art and the love of art, and, if the blog runs like the others, we will see ourselves disagreeing, agreeing and blowing raspberries at each other. I firmly believe that the subject is more important than the writer and the creative process is as individual as the art we produce.
I'm interested in hearing and seeing your art, so please share!


The energy and emotion of New York!

The first piece that I have the pleasure to embrace is 'New York' by Karen Donaghy. A popular artist, Karen has built a reputation on her stylised approach and has had a few commissions for Glasgow streets from overseas ex pats. Though not her only style, this stylised approach lends itself to the subject meaning that every new creation is fresh for the viewer.

Karen is an artist of note, she spends time researching the subject before getting down to the creating her work. Karen wanted this work to reflect the vibrancy of the city. It's also her biggest of her current work on display, measuring in at just over 4 feet in length.
When we first saw this in its early stages we knew it was going to be bold, her style is energetic and in it she has reflected the important points first, it's only at a more leisurely review that you see the finer nuances and attention to detail.
It's priced at only £650 and for anyone that has been to the Big Apple they'll quickly identify with the energetic narrative and the iconic view of the bridge she has captured here.
A huge well done to her, I have been a fan of her work but this one is a level above!

Available in the Unexpected Artist Gallery at the St Enoch Centre, canvass on frame.

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Surreally Good It's safe to say, that you could say of me that I love art! Forgoing the techno babble of isms and getting down to the "I know what I like" stuff, then I love how an artist will craft the subject for me to see through their eyes.

If pressed then I will say that I love the genre of abstract, I always have! For many years it made no sense why I liked abstract but I did. I finished a honours degree in digital art and suddenly I began to understood why I am drawn to this genre. I won't go into why, it's personal... which is my way of saying it makes sense to me and with that you need to be satisfied, otherwise you need to get into my head… and you haven't seen my art yet so do not go there!

Surrealism, to me, is abstract, though I have referred to some works as surreal abstracts which by my definition means abstract abstracts, but that makes sense to me. We have some great abstract artists in the gallery, namely Gillian Carpenter, Iain Watson and Bobby Rennie. Whilst Gillian and Iain embrace abstract in it's purest form, Gillian did abstract for her dissertation on her degree where she explained why she is an abstract artist (the book is available in the gallery upon request), it's Bobby Rennie's art that intriques me.

Surreal abstracts are different for each viewer, two people can stand side by side and see something different. For me this is the beauty of this art, we invest part of the narrative in the art from our own experiences and then augment them from the narratives of other people.
The real trick is to get lost in the art, the closer you stand the more detail there is to process, the further away you stand the detail becomes lost and subtler narrative unfolds… it's totally up to you which distance you want.

As I say when people ask, this is art you never need to change, it has a different meaning for each viewer and changes with events… 


The Surreal work of Bobby RennieThe surreal abstract, the hardest art genre to do... requires a brain that can see the world in less literal ways

The first two are hanging in the TUA gallery at the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow, the last one is awaiting a new home on the wall. They are £325 each and Bobby accepts commissions. Next month the works will be available in a limited edition print.

by Stu Duffy

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