In July 2014 The Unexpected Artist opened the gallery in the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow. Our aim is to exhibit the up and coming Scottish based artists to a wider public view, help those artists develop and bring to the public a wonderful selection of art from every medium and genre.

We are staffed by artists, we have artists in creating new works everyday, some of these works are their own and some are for customers that have requested new work for their homes. Our artist membership is drawn from every art medium, fine art, sculptures, fashion designers, graphic artists and photographers... and it doesn't stop there, we also have jewellery designers and model makers!

In this sense, we are not a typical gallery, the artist staffing help the artists exhibiting to reach the public and in turn we help the public to reach the artists.

In late 2016 we became a community company to further our aims of supporting artists and bridging the link between you and a wealth of Scottish based artists.

In House:

We have Artists in Residence (AiR) who create work in the gallery so you can see the creative process at work, most of these AiRs are happy to talk with you and the Artist Supervising at the front desk are happy to discuss the work on the wall and, if needed, help you select the right art for you

Your Art:Our Artists

You can request a new peice of art to be created specifically for you (a commission). The size, subject and colour can be guided by you so that you can own original art work without compromising on your own style. You can select the artist based on their style displayed or be helped along by one of our Supervising Artists, who can help you select an artist that can fulfil your request. If you would like to know more drop us an email or pop in and see us.